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New Marketing idea #1: Tamagotchi Cell Phones

I remember my youth when everyone zealously begged their parents to get a Tamagotchi. Cupped lovingly in our small hands,  we took our digital pets to school, played with them,  cried over their agony as we knew they would die sitting in the confiscation drawer of the teacher’s desk, and with a melancholic apprehension, push the restart button. It was terribly addicting.

Now today’s youth (and the older tech-chic population)  are addicted to social networking. Even my 12 year old cousin, who I regretably gave her my cell number, must be constantly at her phone with all the forwarding chain texts I get from her.  High school students are glued to their Myspace (hasn’t that died yet?) accounts via their web service on their phones, and are constantly texting.

So, I propose to merge two terribly addicting things into one!  On your phone is a Tamagotchi,  a digital pet that needs love, food, and everything else magical.  Your phone gives alerts when your pet is hungry or in need of a shower.  Maybe, just maybe, you can even send your pet to another phone for “pet sitting” if you’re on vacation.

Also, someone might want to write a program for this for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  I know I’d download it in a heartbeat.

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