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Just For Fun: Afro Ninja’s Escape Series

If you enjoy solving clues and completing puzzles then you will love today’s “JFF”:  Afro Ninja’s Escape Series.  In these games you are trapped at a location: a strange room, a locked-in car,  or my favorite, stuck in a telephone booth.  All around you are clues and objects that can help you escape. You absolutely use all of your surroundings; you combine objects (ie batteries and a flashlight), use clues to unlock a passcode, and have to be clever to conserve your resources.  Don’t worry if you got lost; on the bottom of the screen is a walkthrough.  My advice is to stick it out,  even if it means it takes you more than 10 minutes to escape.

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  1. ninja freak

    I LOVE AFRO NINJA!!! THE ESCAPE SERIES IS AWESOME!!! I have played escape the phne booth so many times! ITS PIMPIN!!!

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