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The Listening Room Cafe

The Listening Room Cafe is a small cafe in Franklin, TN; just outside Nashville. I wandered down the main stretch of the historic town of Franklin and my eye was caught by a sign reading “free internet” at a cafe across from a Starbucks. I walked in to the empty cafe and found the stage set with five mics and posted flyer advertising live music starting at 7pm.   I was seated in the cozy cafe and ordered a delicious fruit tea,  caesar chicken wrap, and a cup of fresh fruit -something infinitely more delicious than Starbucks could create.  I munched on my meal while scrolling through emails on my iPod touch and discovered the cafe to be crowded cafe in a matter of minutes.  By 6:50 the cafe was buzzing and there wasn’t a seat to be found.   The musicians had arrived and the waitresses were hustling to get everyone’s orders.   At 7pm the owner of the cafe walked behind a counter and sat on a bar stool and booted up his laptop. To my surprise the small cafe broadcasted it’s Thursday night performances of up-and-coming artists on the web.

I could rave about the music for more than a paragraph,  but I highly reccommend you listen to the artists yourself on The Listening Room Cafe myspace page.

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