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Sharing is Caring: Simplify Media

Seneca, a Roman philosopher, declared, “there is no delight in owning anything unshared.”  With Simplify Media, you can delight in sharing your music with friends, colleagues, and family members. Simplify Media is a free application that allows you to share your music with up to 30 users, working with your iTunes, Winamp, or Rhythm Box (I applaud that there is a download for Linux users) to seamlessly stream your friends’ music to your computer. From a dorm student down the hall to my friends on the west coast, I have over 10,000 music files I can browse through while on my laptop or my iPod touch.  I can think of no criticism for Simplify Media, save for some might criticize that sharing songs would discourage a person from purchasing the music. On the contrary, I have already purchased an entire Molly Jenson album after being introduced to her music through a friend’s playlist.  As Simplify Media continues to grow it’s user base and increases in popularity, I look forward to inviting more friends to my contact list and adding new artists and genres to my repertoire.

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