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Top 10 Evil League of Evil Applications

It doesn’t take a freeze ray for us to stop and look at these applicants. The hugely successful project of Joss Whedon’s Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog spurred on countless fans, as Whedon’s productions are wont to do, and out of this came the vast competition to be accepted into the Evil League of Evil.  Applications can be found on Youtube or Vimeo for everyone’s viewing pleasure and some applicants have even earned their own cult following. The E.L.E. ceased accepting applications after October 11th and now hundreds of hopefuls wait with bated breath.

Here is my Top 10 Favorite Evil League of Evil Applications: [note: found on vimeo. See latest post for YouTube ELE app submissions]

10. Bait and Switch Two classy ladies that were mentioned as a joke in first episode of Dr Horrible now appear, applying as an evil duo.

9. Babby Hurricane The world isn’t evil without evil babies.

8. Huggles retroactively haunts your childhood and answers the question, “can you be hugged to death?” with a first degree murder.

7. The Embezzler Perhaps ENRON jokes are no longer funny, but the cheesy evil-doer is a great rapper and who can resist that accent?  Cha-Ching!

6. Mr Nice Guy satisfies our needs to be passive-agressive and see big explosions.

5. COG takes us to the max with its the late 80’s/early 90’s inspired costume and live band.

4. The Steward harnesses the election fever and swears to act on the behalf of all henchmen when on the E.L.E.  A fantastic production with, sadly, no songs.

3. The Garnisher submits a lively, well-edited,  musical of an application – and he looks quite dashing in his outfit.

2. Tur-Mohel tastefully adds humor, great choreography and cinematography and even has a sing-along that is aided by lyrics and a bouncing Star of David.

1.  Fury of Solace produces a top-notch production and a satisfying plot-twist.  Pink Ray Gun has interviewed both Fury of Solace and the creator, Emmett Furey.

Got something that you think is better than the competition? I’d love to see it! Reply to this post or tweet me @Hidama .



  1. jay wagner

    Thanks for putting this list together. I loved these videos and have’em on the phone.

  2. deborah

    I loved Cease and Desist (on Vimeo). I thought they were clever and hilarious.

  3. Tone

    The applicants may be waiting with bated breath, but I doubt they’re waiting with baited breath, unless they’ve been eating earthworms. (So much for “preserving language in the days of abbreviations and spelling errors,” eh, Sarah? :)

  4. I cannot believe you left mine out. I am so depressed. I know, I’ll have to do more annoying things.

    It’s at:

    Hmm.. there’s an interesting wedding happening today. (No I’m not annoying the bride and groom, that would be harassing).

    But a guest now, they’re fair game.


  5. Sam

    I often wonder about these lists I’m seeing put together. Yea, some of the ones listed are decent, but Bait and Switch? It’s not even an original idea considering they are mentioned in Dr. Horrible. I’d rather see Joss’s version.. I’m sure his is actually funny.

  6. Matt

    There are at least 2 Bait and Switch videos – both good, but I preferred the one with drunken frat boys in it :-)

    And hey – Embezzler and Baby Hurricane both in the list? Choice.

    For a somewhat sarcastic take on the kiwi accent (a little stronger than the Embezzler’s) there’s a 1 min animation on youtube – search ‘beached as’ and it should be the first hit (a whale wakes up on a New Zealand beach…)

  7. Mayhaps you’d like my video? It’s pretty good, I think.

    Let me know what you think, even if you hate it, which you won’t, because it’s awesome.

    Hugs and fishes.

  8. Jon Ball

    Thanks for your nod to The Embezzler! Yes, the cheese was deliberate… mmmm, cheese.

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  10. Sigourney

    ‘Fury of Solace’ is the most captivating, and well produced entry, with the lyrics of the song , ‘Lot in Life’ tremendously sung, clearly laying out the foundation of the storyline.

  11. Glad you liked our original application!

    It’s been a week and a couple days since our original Evil League of Evil application gained some notoriety, and now we of the C.O.G. are left waiting for an answer from Bad Horse himself. How did he react to our submission?

    The following is a dramatization of just one possible outcome:


    Dr. Pinkerton

  12. S

    Gotta stop by and pimp my boy Make Me! I think you’ll find him…hrm…quite the agreeable character…

    Plus he has a Wonder Years flashback and what’s more choice then that?

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  14. Great videos. I could see mine being there as well, but due to ATHUG’s strike, my hired henchmen stole my video. I still as of yet have not recovered the application video. My first vlog is recovered though.

  15. There are a lot of great submissions! I would like to offer up our group’s entry for everyone’s viewing pleasure, and I recommend you reconsider it for a top ten spot. It is posted on both vimeo and youtube. I’ve attached the link for vimeo, but just search for EVIL LEAGUE OF EVIL MAKE ME and you’ll be sure to find it. I guarantee it will entertain you! DON’T MAKE ME MAKE YOU!!! ;

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