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Top YouTube Evil League of Evil Applications, Pt 1

The cries of the people have been heard! Reviews of Evil League of Evil applications are lacking YouTube and low-budget submissions; it is high time to remedy this mistake! Currently I am 1/5 the way through the list of YouTube submissions (the search engine indicates over 1,700 video tagged “Evil League of Evil”) and in honor of the time spent, I present to you a handful of noteworthy submissions, regardless of their production budget.



  • UltraJoe Bot A robot made for organizing comics seeks a higher calling
  • The Evil Robot (a personal favorite) Grr! Arg! A clever, bout-of-laughter inducing submission. And bravo to the robot costume design.

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Hopefully the Pt. II list is to be created soon along with a master list and an overall top 20.


  1. b!X

    FWIW, there might be 1,700 so tagged, but there’s only about 550 or so actual submitted applications on YouTube.

  2. I can tell you as someone who worked on Lady Laday that it wasn’t at all high budget… it was pretty much just using things we already had. it just so happens the people responsible already have some experience and equipment.

  3. henrydaton

    Hiya, just thought I’d offer up my submission (…that sounded all kinds of wrong) in case you haven’t seen it :) Hopefully if you can excuse the fact that we’re not actors and had no time at all to put it together, it might make your top 20! (hint hint ;)

    Presenting to you ‘The Diabetic Duo and Hawaiian Music Man’….

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