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7 Days And Counting: The Cedar Rapids Tweetup

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Twitterverse,  it is only seven days until the Cedar Rapids Tweetup!

Event Details

11.24.08 6pm at the Irish Democrat in Cedar Rapids, IA.

I’m writing this blogpost to smooth out a few details:

  • Please tweet me (@hidama)  or reply to this post by Sunday night, 11.23,  if you know you are attending the tweetup. I would like a guesstimate so I can alert the Irish Democrat.
  • Please tell me if there is anything you’d like or expect at this tweetup; ie organized ice breakers, a “twitter roll” of attendees, free hugs, etc.
  • Yes, this is open to people outside CR – I’m excited at all the Iowa City residents that might be driving out to tweetup!
  • Of course, I highly encourage you to invite friends and loved ones.
  • Bring cameras and record this epic event!

See you there!


  1. Chuck Peters

    I am planning to attend, and hope to bring my wife, Mary Ann, to see many of the people who were with me on the API Summit Liveblog. A ‘twitterroll” of attendees would be good.

    Thanks for arranging this.


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