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10 Reasons Why I Might Have Unfollowed You (or never followed you in the first place)

There comes a time, and for some it arrives earlier than others, that you unfollow someone. You might suffer from guilt at that first click, wondering what a horrible person you are and how cruel of a thing it must be to unfollow someone.  Soon the “unfollow guilt” will pass and you’ll unfollow, or not add, anyone who doesn’t belong on your Twitter feed.

Twitter shouldn’t be a Facebook frenzy of who has the most friends but rather an organic community that you contribute to and that benefits you. For some that means thousands of follows while for others it’s an unpretentious 40.  I created this list after a stressful week in which I had no forgiveness about tweets that aggravated me.  So if I unfollowed you, this might be why.

1. You’ve tweeted in all caps.

“OMG!!!1!! LULZ” or “I KICKED ASS AT ROCKBAND!!!” will have you dropped faster than almost anything else on this list.  I am gracious when it comes to interpreting an all caps lock tweet and will forgive it if there is a reason behind your reaction, including but not limited to: birth of a child, being in a disaster, for satirical reasons, winning a notable award and sucessfully getting the number of, dating or marrying your one true love.

2. You bugged me to follow you.

Thanks for following me. I appreciate it and hope my tweets are useful and entertaining.  But if you nag me to follow you, I will never follow you back.

3. You opted to have something send out a generic tweet (ie Mr. Tweet, tweetwasters, twitgroups, twitterank, & etc).

I’m excited to hear that you spent 1.2 days on Twitter!  Actually, I’m not.  You can keep that to yourself.  If you need a gold star in ranking or grading to feel validated about your tweets, or submit your followers to generic tweets then I believe that  you, sir,  care little about your followers.  I probably will unfollow you. Especially if this happens more than once.

4. You just weren’t that interesting to me.

It might seem shallow and maybe it is,  but I unfollowed you because you just weren’t that interesting.  There were no jokes, no news and minimal interaction between you and I.  There is a chance that I will re-follow you, though.  Start up conversations with me and I’ll bring you back into my life.

5. You don’t tweet enough.

If you make every tweet count and it means you only tweet 3 times a day, then I’ll still follow you. But if you tweet once a week and not an ounce of the content is interesting, then you’ve lost me.

6. All your tweets are about your own content.

You sing like a canary stuck on the same solfege note.  If it’s all about you then there’s no way it’ll ever be about us.  That’s not social media; it’s unnecessary spam.

7. You persist in asking for retweets.

Retweets are good.  But if you constantly bug me to retweet your material then I’ll unfollow you.  I’m not your fax machine.

8. You are generally in a foul mood.

Don’t mess with my tweet karma. If the only content you have is bashing other people, moping about your day and fulfilling the Twitter profanities quota, then you’re not the one for me.

9. You celebrate your follower count or ask your followers to help you get “just a few more.”

Seriously?  All you care about are the numbers?  Then allow me to take you down a notch.

10. You tweet mass @ replies to welcome all your new followers

Twitter offers direct messaging.  Use it.


  1. Good stuff. Useful for me, being a Twitter n00b. Thanks for not unfollowing me for my erroneous “shoulda-been-a-DM” YOUAREWRONG Tweet a couple days ago. ;)

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  3. I can relate to many of these – No. 9 in particular. It’s sort of like people who try to make me feel guilty for not continuing a chain letter (send to everybody and something good will happen…) Automatic delete.

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