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The “funnest” Mac Ad Ever

I was a upset last night at the Apple advertisement that showed up in my Facebook feed:


“Funnest” was the latest buzzword introduced by Steve Jobs at the Let’s Rock Apple event.  Grammar Girl rushed to put out a show about the validity of the word “funnest” as criticisms  raced across the internet.

Steve Jobs, I accept that you enjoy having “funnest” as a new word. I hope you used it because you liked it and not because it sounds hip.  But I won’t excuse the missing article between with and that, nor will I accept “and take the Internet in their pocket.”  I don’t know what marketing intern won the bet and wrote the ad but please send them back to 6th grade to be re-taught grammar.

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  1. Apple does this on purpose. Of course they know the proper terms and usage of their words, but this word is used because it catches the ear. The world we live in is all about linguistics and how we perceive them through sound and even appearance. Many of Apple’s ads use a lot of prolonged words with hyphens and awkward wording to get us hooked. Judging by their sale rates and population of users, they are doing their job VERY well.

    P.S. Grammar Girl has nothing over Steve jobs. ;)

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