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Touching the sky

(via yuli.bow)

(via yuli.bow)

I’ve always loved to swing. I’ve even swung myself so high that I went over the bars.

When swinging, the world rushed past me as I went higher and higher into the sky.

And when the Earth pulled me down it just helped me go even higher. The tug of gravity and thunk! of the chains as I started going too high made me laugh and giggle.

Now when I’m on a swing, after going too high, I am intensely aware of myself in position to the ground. Now, I move too fast and my stomach gets upset. It’s no longer giggles, but gasps. And I yearn to go back to my youth, where I would spend hours on a swing set.

When I judged myself by how close my feet were to touching the sky.

Not to how far the drop down is.

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