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Creativity By Intent

Sometimes we have mental blocks and we just can’t break them.

But let’s try and revive our thought process, shall we?

I wanted to share this article written by Dr. Michael Starbid, a mathematics professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Starbid wrote Creativity By Intent for his math students, but I find it’s wholly applicable to writing as well.

Creativity By Intent

  • Just do something even if it’s a step in the wrong direction; don’t bother seeking the direct path.
  • Make mistakes intentionally, then analyze why it’s a mistake.
  • Actively pursue an open mind; accpet a premise that’s completely opposed to your actual belief to see what it yields.
  • Explore the consequences of new ideas.
  • Seek the essential.
  • Exaggerate; does something hold up at a ridiculous scale?
  • Understand the issue;  what’s the real problem?
  • Understand simple things deeply; discoveries come when you’re in your comfort zone.
  • Break a difficult problem into easier ones.
  • Examine issues from different points of view
  • Look for patterns and similarities.

Now be intentionally creative!


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