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Unfollow Me on Twitter


That’s right.  I’m asking you to stop following me on Twitter.

I was reading the USA Today article, “There’s an art to writing on Facebook or Twitter — really“,  and came back to a conclusion I made a few months ago; people are using Twitter for entertainment instead of social networking.

If we complain about someone’s tweets being boring, then we are no longer using Twitter for social networking but rather for entertainment.

Twitter is as meaningful as you make it.

The USA Today article talks about “how to improve your updates”.  It’s a good read and even better advice,  but it brings up the notion that you’re the value of your entertainment to others.  Sprouting poetic verse, posting good links, being funny, etc is not for your benefit but for the benefit of those who follow you.

So here I am, with over 700 followers, of which a good 2/3 probably don’t even care about interacting with me.  I feel like a valedictorian speaking to a crowd of disinterested graduates. That is not why I joined Twitter.

I joined Twitter to be social. I love to plan local tweetups,  connect my followers to each other to help find solutions to problems (or in one case, I connected two followers who eventually fell in love),  and I am always happy to meet new people.

But I haven’t been meeting new people. Although my follower count has increased, my interactions have not. It seems people are following me, “just because.”  I feel as though I’ve been talking to an audience instead of a group of friends and colleagues.

I wrote that to say this,  I release you.  Stop following me. Take me off your list. Remove me from your timeline.

If you’re following me and you can’t think of one good reason to continue to follow me,  then stop it.

Free up your Twitter stream. Find someone else who has similar interests or a bright mind. Go ahead and follow me if you like to keep updated on local events or like the links I send out.  Follow me if you’re one of my transcontinental or international friends using Twitter to keep in touch.

But if you’re following me because you feel obliged or you’re waiting for me to purchase your products, then stop it.  Just, unfollow me.

I’d rather know my follower numbers mean something; I want my follower count to indicate the size of a community,  not that I have a large, disinterested audience.

I don’t want 10,000 followers.  I want unique individuals.

In other words,  keep in touch, or say goodbye.

These are my admiring thoughts.



  1. I’m so going to start following you on twitter now. All irony aside, this is spot on. But do you think there’s no value to entertaining twitter feeds (badbanana comes to mind) or are just saying that, for you, twitter is about connecting with people?

    • Hidama

      Touche. Asking people to unfollow me has unexpected brought me another follower.

      It’s a great question you’ve asked! It’s helping me focus my thoughts.

      There is value to entertaining Twitter feeds – badbanana is a perfect example of this! I see that his account is used mainly for entertainment purposes. For me, Twitter is about connecting with people, even if it is a one way of satiric overdramatics about eating a sandwich or The WHO and swine flu.

      I see a problem when we view other people as entertainment – when we complain about people not having interesting enough tweets. We’ve stopped caring about interaction and we’re waiting for a series of witty comments to show up in our timeline, and we get upset when those we follow don’t deliver.

      I guess what I’m saying is, unfollow me if there is no interaction or purpose. You’re looking in the wrong place for casual entertainment. :) What you get is a dose of my personality! [Which is hopefully unique & interesting].

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