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Internet users unite and declare attack on censorship in China

We, the anonymous users, made this decision:  July 1, 2009,  we will launch a comprehensive attack on a global scale, on the review system under the control of your network.

This is what I stumbled across on Twitturly this morning when I found a highly tweeted link with no English, but only Chinese characters. This document contains a declaration of attack against the Chinese government, specifically the department that reviews, and blocks, internet sites on mainland China.

I did a quick translation through Google and then transposed the translation into an easier read and added links for context (see below).  By mid-afternoon Reuters picked this up and I’m sure there will be more to follow.  I wonder,  does this mean the end of the Great Firewall of China?

Read excerpts of my transposition below:

UPDATE:  The Shanghaist provides an accurate translation in their article, “Declaration of the Anonymous Netizens 2009.”

Hello, Network Review Department of the PRC.

We, are the anonymous users. For too long we have seen what you do on the Internet. Our freedom of speech on the Internet is blocked for no reason,  you use advanced technology to be hostile on the Internet,  your propaganda is the mouthpiece of collusion between the distortions of the truth,  you are a commentator on the network poisoning public opinion; all of these things are deeply etched in our memory.

With the recent installation of your Green Dam mandatory notification and the malicious libel against Google, you have complete control of a comprehensive review of the Internet and you have clearly demonstrated your sinister intentions in front of the people.

We, the anonymous users, made this decision; July 1, 2009,  we will launch a comprehensive attack on a global scale, on the review system under the control of your network.

In order to defend the freedom of the Internet, in order to promote the progress of the human network, but also to the rights of our own network, we will review your network system and show you a systematic destruction of the so-called network review system by the real strength of the small network.

As a network we will be your public enemy number one.

…Regardless of how you fool the public opinion using propaganda, you will eventually be lost in the vast ocean of people’s war. Your old-fashioned means of publicity, the old slogan of the Cultural Revolution-style shouting; you are ignorant of the Internet…. These are the complete failures, the sounding of your death knell. You have no escape because we are everywhere. State violence against the machine can not save you, because as one of us falls, 10 new members take our place.


In good faith we can tell you:

…You can not understand the grand narrative of the network in the human tide of history…. Your power can not be our real enemy. We are not organized by any friendly country nor are we from any enemy countries or organizations. Only you are your own worst enemy; you are digging your own  graves of decay and alienation. […] You can not stop the tide of history, the development of human society, and the network is the way forward. In fact, we do not object to you by cutting off the Pacific submarine cable and access to the absolute control of information; the more you impede the progress of history, you are more a result of deepening contradictions, the more radical social movements, you have moved back in time only to accelerate the alienation that took place years ago.

We are anonymous users. We are the sum of the world’s Internet users. We act together. We are going to dominate the network. We are too many to count. For every one that falls, there are 10 more. We are everywhere.[…] We can not be stopped. We do not have weaknesses. We will use all of your  the weaknesses. We are hidden in every crowd under a mask. We are a mirror of human nature. We are born equal. Our natural freedom. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

Free guide network.

We are just around the corner.

This post will be updated as new information comes in. Special thanks to Dave for the “Green Dam” and Shanghaist link.  If you have any information or want to share thoughts, feel free to @hidama or comment below.

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