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The Sound of My Voice

I was a guest this week on The Canman Show, a local Iowa podcast created by Chad “The Canman” Canfield,  and had a riot of good fun. The show consists of regulars, Kevin,  Tim and Jamie; and adds the occasional guest to the mix.

Topics ranged from the many ways to become a zombie, comics and Tron 2.0: Legacy and social media and the nuances of Facebook games.  A highlight of the show is when Chad lobs a giant marshmallow to the ceiling basement – and it sticks.

This was the second podcast I’ve been a guest on, my first appearance being on CoPress covering the Bring a J-prof Collegejourn event.  The CoPress event was an interview recorded on Skype, as all four of the Collegejourn planners live in various parts of the continental US.

It was a fantastic experience at The Canman Show to be at a round table, live with a relaxed host and other guests, cracking jokes and eating strawberry-flavored marshmallows.

While on the show I put out a challenge; I will bake cookies – whether they are chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin or peanut butter with a Hershey’s kiss – to the first five people who donate $25 or more to The Canman Show. It’s a great show looking to have funds to start video podcasting.

As always, I love being social – if you’re looking for a guest on your podcast or show,  let me know.  I’m always interested in meeting new people and reaching new audiences.

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