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Brief Thoughts on My Generation

We don’t have a voice.  We have statistics.

We feel forgotten; smothered between the ever prolonging and popular baby boomers and the marvel the baby boomers have of the tech savvy children born in the mid 90s on.

Some say we’re just run by media or don’t care.  It’s not true. We worry about the future.

Our friends and family went to war.  Some of them died. We talk about how our children might not see a Panda, or cities be lost in a global warming related incident.  We grow frustrated that we aren’t conserving our resources.

We grew up in the 90s. Everything we wanted was reasonably affordable.  We were told to dream!  Create new jobs!

We come out as independents when the youth face the lowest unemployment rate since WWII. We’re harassed about our dreams and are chastised for not choosing something far more practical. We don’t go into the field we studied for. Experience outweighs intellect.  We thrive to be independent but the economy slows us. We were told to be book smart – but now we suddenly need to be street smart. Our institutions are going away.

There is no Berlin Wall,  no Woodstock,  no walk on the moon.  We don’t have a great adventure or a milestone in our generation.

It’s not a clean slate – it’s a broken foundation.

So, what will my generation build? What will be our cry?  Who will speak?  What will be our cause?

Why is there tape over our mouths?  Why are our hands tied?  Why are people speaking for us?  Those are not our words.

We are thought to be separate and silent.  But we’re together.

Struggle.  Fight.  Find a way to speak. Find a way to work with our own hands.

Our Silent Generation…  let us be the noise…   let us be the song.  Let us be the Generation of Unity.

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