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March 1: Gorillaz and kindness

In nostalgic college-essay fashion, here I am writing the first post of the month with only  two and a half hours left in the day.

Presently on my mind is the Gorillaz’s new album, “Plastic Beach” streaming in full at NPR.

Secondly on my mind is kindness.  This afternoon I tweeted, “If the world doesn’t run on kindness,  then I’ll change it so it does.”.

This morning before work I received a text from a friend that her car needed a jump.  I rushed to grab my things and headed over.  After trying to jump her car we came to the conclusion that it was the starter.

While we were putting the jumper cables away, I made a decision.  I handed her the keys to my beautiful new car and told her it was hers for the day.  She dropped me off at my job and headed out to hers.

We both got off of work in the early afternoon, and she swung by, picked me up and we headed to her place.  It was only a matter of minutes before a new task was before us; she discovered not only did her car not start this morning but there was no more toilet paper in the house.  Off we go to the grocery store.

I stuck around and helped her make dinner for her and her husband.  Right before dinner was ready I left heading out for work tonight.  I was glad to hear that the dinner was well enjoyed.

And if anyone even reads this blog anymore,  I have one thing to say to you.

Don’t ever hesitate about giving your time and resources to those who need it.

She needed my car more than I did.  And as for making a dinner I didn’t eat, this couple has fed me more times than I can count. It was nice to finally be able to return the favor!

Besides, who can resist cooking while listening to great music?

And I end March 1st wanting to lie next to someone warm,  gazing at the stars through this cold, crisp air and breathing like tomorrow will never arrive.


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