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Social Media Discounts — 3 Unique Ideas For Business

Groupon, LivingSocial, SharingSpree and many other Social shopping experiences have popped up in the last few months.  But what about other ideas that don’t require a fee to a 2nd party?

FourSquare Discounts

Take it beyond check-ins. Why not unlock discounts with Swarm badges? If the store breaks 50 people checking in, a store-wide discount opens for everyone who checks in.

Twitter Discounts

Twitter icon

Tweet out a limited promotion keyword.  Track the promotion keyword on Twitter,  and follow up with metrics on purchases using that code.

Making It Interesting

Why not put a little fun in your marketing? I think the Gaming  & Film industry have great examples of this.  Portal teased its sequel with hidden messages.  ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ went viral with a hidden hastag in a .wav file.

What are your thoughts on these suggestions? Do you know of a company that has used Swarm badge FourSquare discounts? Drop me a line!

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