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Year One: Generosity & Joy

When I think of my workplace, two words come to mind: generosity and joy.

Now, when most people think of e-consultancy, they think of words such as innovation, digital and marketing.  But generosity and joy?  Well, let me tell you a bit about my first year at Digital Evolution Group.

Fresh to the corporate world, my employer saw my potential and gave me a shot to show them what I’ve got. I’d like to say I passed with flying colors, but I likely landed closer to the “flying colorful adjectives” end of the sliding scale.But do you know what?  There’s an opportunity for second chances. I was a recipient of this generosity. And that’s when I began to understand this gem of a company.

Digital Evolution Group is always about generosity — within and outside of the company. A stockpile of soda, candy (KitKats seem to be the company favorite) and Friday afternoon beer (beer:thirty) is available for all associates. A plethora of associates are also involved in local nonprofits. Whether it’s an annual event like Movember or raising funds & supplies for disaster relief for Joplin, our associates are always jumping in to give. It seems that every other week we find a cause to support and a need to fulfill!

My first year was full of joyful celebrations. Year-end company party, impromptu office parties, the annual family picnic, celebrations with non-profits we work with (like Treads & Threads), all the way down to the gifts we joyfully present to so many of our young associates who are brand new parents.  Our execs love to have the kids stop by — joy at DEG is also about families. We held an interactive 1/2 day event for 40+ kids (DEG 2.0, as well like to call them) for Bring Your Children To Work Day.

But most of all, in reflection of the past year,  my work place knows humanity. The company continues to double its growth, adding new associates at a lightning fast pace.  And no matter how big we become, I am confident that we will never lose the humanity of it all.

Working at Digital Evolution Group does not mean you are a nameless part in an efficient machine. Working here means that you are an individual, with all the complications and amazing insight that comes with that.  Joy, sadness, failure or success and all the blessings in life are recognized.

And I can’t think of a better place to work at and for.

Thank you, to DEG and all the DEGenuises for a great year. Let’s have so many more together!

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