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Content is Queen: Why Content, Community and Marketing is Feminine

The king is no longer relevant ─ off with his head!

The catch phrase “content is king” has been circulating the online marketing world. Content is king promotes the idea of original and compelling content, to bring forth readers and excellent SEO. But is that really enough in this age of real-time and community?  “Content is king” lacks the instruction for community development alongside original content creation.

The Five Feminine Attributes of Content & Community

There are five feminine attributes that are essential to creating content, cultivating community, and successfully marketing to that community:

  • Originality
  • Compassion
  • Deference
  • Tolerance
  • Sensitivity

Content, marketing, and community all need these attributes to cultivate relationships and sales.


Femininity and content have been united for thousands of years in hundreds of world cultures. In Hindu traditions, Shakti is the divine mother who wields creative power, and gives birth to and nourishes the universe. In Judeo-Christian traditions, wisdom is feminine, and her wise advice counsels all in the Book of Wisdom. Countless religions celebrate an Earth Mother motif. Creation and originality are the essence of femininity.

Compelling Content Uses Compassion

You must  have the desire to provide a solution to a problem that others are struggling with. The solution will bring a wide world of readers, a community, and even a market. My favorite example of this is Chris Guillebeau’s Art of Noncomformity: he saw a need for people to live extraordinary lives. He provided a solution, amassed a large readership, an active community, and has created a profitable venture.

Content Needs Deference

Deference is humble submission and respect. Content does not bring out flashing lights and neon signs saying “I am awesome!” If you make a mistake in your content, admit it and fix it. If you have an error in a product you’re marketing, admit it and fix it.


This one is self-explanatory. Content is not a rant. Communities should foster tolerance.

Sensitivity is Reactivity

Your response to your readers, your consumers, and the community should reflect the very definition of sensitivity: “having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others’ feelings.”

Long live the Queen of Content

Is your content strategy that of a deposed king? Content should invite readers and cultivate relationships and a market community. It is so much more than SEO. Rethink your strategies.

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