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Top 10 Outcomes I Want From Google Fiber

Here are my top 10 outcomes I want from Google Fiber coming to Kansas City.

10. Google fiber is incorporated with public transit. Kansas City Creates a better incentive to use transit, via gigabit wifi, and creates a greener city.

9. Kansas City is nationally recognized as a technology hub and hosts more tech conferences and events.

8. A native tech-boom generation emerges.Kansas City youth are encouraged to study maths and engineering, and work in the Gigabit city.

7. Improved distance-learning education programs. Google Fiber can allow for live-streaming and downloading ease, opening up more opportunities for distance learning education for all economic and educational levels.

6. Kansas City, Kansas neighborhood revival. The once bustlin’ and hustlin’ streets of Kansas City, Kansas are now bare, and the current population is lower than it was in 1950. I would like to see a housing and business boom and a hip multicultural neighborhood be born.

5. Kansas City libraries flourish. Google Fiber brings us to the public spaces once again, and improves the lives of those who rely on its free services.

4. More jobs, less homeless.

3. Kansas City develops into a business environment that encourages startups and small business communities.

2. Kansas City area school districts are revived and public education is improved.

1. Google Fiber draws women thought leaders to Kansas City. Women in tech in the Midwest is rare — I would love to have more local women encouraged to pursue tech fields, and current women in tech to move to Kansas City for the great opportunities here.

What outcomes are you hoping for?

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