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Urban Core #Gigabitcity ideas

Quick post underlying two ideas from the Urban Core group at the SMCKC and Brainzooming event “Building The Gigabit City.”

The Doctor Next Door
Fast data will allow virtual access to healthcare professionals in the urban core. An abundance of small free clinics can be created to reduce wait times and reduce the barrier of transportation for the disabled or do not have the transportation resources or time. GPs can remote in to a clinic, give diagnosis and the clinics can be operated by nurse practictioners and volunteers. More doctors can volunteer time virtually, clinics can share med information and specialists, and move of the urban core can have access to healthcare.

“Skoogle” or Cloudy Day Education Tools
School districts have their own cloud network. All curriculum, class lectures and text books an other reading assignments are available. This reduces the problems of out of date materials, printing and purchase costs, and student barriers to those materials. Benefits include Special Education teachers, parents and tutors having access to class homework, class lectures and review materials.

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Web dev + marketing = why I love my day job. | Marketing technologist. Past Secretary of SMCKC + Social Media Club. Kansas City lover.

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  1. yorkie71

    I have been reading great things about the GigabitCity project in KC and I couldn’t agree more with your comments about what opportunities fibre connectivity brings.

    I’ll be following this closely due to the fact that we are embarking on a similar gigabit fibre project, albeit without the mighty Google backing it up. That is unless they want to try out the project in the UK!

    Good luck!

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