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Taking Great Risks: Hiring With Vision

I was perusing the latest Inc. magazine when my eyes were caught by the book review brief for Rare Finds, hidden on the inside of the left page. The author of the article, Leigh Buchanan, sums it up best:

When hiring, companies should stop looking for people who will work out right now and start looking for people who may someday blow their socks off. Unfortunately, the sock blowers aren’t always obvious.

As the job market continues to be saturated with unemployed, inexperienced recent grads (“Generation Limbo“, as named by NYT), I can’t help but notice the lack of corporate vision being completely ignored.  Article after article, opinion after opinion,  no one mentions how companies refuse to have the vision —and take the risk— to hire the “rare finds.”

Instead, job prerequisites continue to lengthen into a weighty list and even some of the best prepared graduates have no way to start into their field.  Who is to blame? The education system for not providing enough experience?  Perhaps we should all point fingers at the market gone sour? Today, I point blame at business. Business who live in scarcity instead of abundance, and in fear instead of vision.

Where are all the glorious entry-level jobs? The junior whatchya-ma-callits.  The coordinators.  You know, the jobs the young kids jump into to get their chance to show the business what they’ve got?  Well, they’re all gone.  Sure, there are coordinators and junior copywriters and everything else in between, but the prerequisites for these jobs are well outside the reach of the latest graduating generation.

So why did companies stop hiring with vision? Because people are expensive.  People are risky.  Businesses don’t have the extra cash, so they’re hiring safe bets — the overqualified, the perfect applicants and the people who will get the job done.  So where does this leave the “rare finds”? It leaves us back at jobs we had during high school, working as an assistant, bagging groceries and deep frying carbs.

What would happen if the corporate world started to hire with vision for the future, instead of short-sighted view of scarcity? What if, instead of looking for the keyword perfect resume, they looked for “people who may someday blow their socks off?”  I’ll tell you what will happen. Innovation. Further job creation.  An uptick of societal morale. Abundance. Hope. Wealth. Investment.

— From the soapbox of  Sarah, a member of “Generation Limbo”

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