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With This Pin, I Thee Wed

Will You Marry Me Pinterest Board

You met the right person, at the right time and you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with him or her.  The proposal is a big deal, and you want it to be unique.  Well, good luck with that.  You have to compete with the skydiving,  Twitter, and rock concert proposal standards already set before you.  And don’t even think that you can beat the Internet Meme Proposal. So, what unique proposal medium hasn’t been used yet? That’s right, Pinterest.

Here’s to the lucky couple that make it big on the internet for the first ever Pinterest proposal. Ready to take the plunge? Then read on.

How To Create A Pinterest Proposal

Are you a designer? Awesome, this is will be easy for you.  Are you not a designer?  Awesome, this will be easy for you, too.

Step One: The Image

Create or find an image that works best for your proposal.  You can select or create  9 separate photos or one photo that we’ll separate into pieces later.  If you’re at a loss for this step, try searching for stock photos or through Flickr.  Remember, give credit where credit is due! (I’ll explain how to do that later on.)  The image I used is from Niasang Photography.

Step Two: The Board

Create a brand new board in Pinterest and give it a good name. “I love you, Eric” or  “Be mine, Erika” will work great.  Select the Other category, and be sure that you’re the only one who can contribute to the board!

Individual Pins

Step Three: The Pins

Here is where you’ve got to keep your wits about you.  First, crop your image(s) into a square. If you don’t have an image editor, I recommend Pixlr.

Once you have a square image, we’re going to need to parse it into 9 separate squares. PicSlice will do this quickly for you.

Step Four: The Upload

Remember! You’ll want to upload these in reverse order. Start with image 9, and end with image 1. If you want to add extra pictures ( a ring, couples photo, etc.) make sure the extra photos are the first uploads, and your board design are the last 9 uploads.

Step Five: The Message & The Credits

While you take the time to upload each image, consider writing a secondary message within the pins. As you see in the example above, after you click on the board,  you will then see the pins and the caption that reads, “Will you marry me? Because I love you.”

Additionally, please edit the individual pins and add a link to the original photo or the author’s website.  Always credit your sources!


Alright, it’s up there, and it’s public knowledge.  You’d best hurry up and get on one knee.  Or at least get on one laptop.

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