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Design and Write for ROI

Seriously folks, social media is absolutely capable of having easy to understand metrics and clear evidence of return on investment. It’s all in the design and copy.

Saying you cannot find measurements for the impact of any campaign is a sign of a faulty foundation, and  poor copywriting, of the campaign. If you cannot give tangible evidence of the campaign producing tangible benefits, then don’t fund the idea and certainly don’t launch it.

It’s tough seeing so many companies viewing social media and online marketing as just a way to be hip and current. What’s even worse is that they accept from their marketers minimal results such as likes and views. Likes and views are stage one of the return on investment.

A campaign must be designed to follow through to metrics of a sale. A beautiful design or fun idea does not mean it is an effective campaign.  Pretty might get you awards, but it doesn’t get you sales.

In summary, I’m asking two things. Companies, stop settling for a stellar lack of metrics. And to fellow social media marketers out there? Suck it up, create metrics and think it through. You must design and write for ROI.

-Your fellow marketer

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