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Marketing Gems


Heard some fantastic speakers in the last few weeks, and am finally catching up on my notes about marketing and association membership. I thought I’d share some of the highlights in the simplest, most effective way I know how. (Thanks Stephanie Hay!)

Don’t: Just direct them to a website
Do: Check to see if your directions and process is intuitive

Don’t: Mass market
Do: Mass customization

Don’t: Write generic descriptions
Do: Create specific content

Don’t: Write for everyone
Do: Write for one specific person

Don’t: Assume they know what to do
Do: Tell users what they should do

Don’t: Make them read mission statements
Do: Tell them about the outcomes/results

Don’t: Write a generic summary
Do: Boil it down to the specifics

Don’t: Forget to pay attention to how they want information presented
Do: Pay attention to how you present information

Don’t: Use generic surveys to gather data
Do: Use intensive research and focus groups to help make decisions

I hope you found these useful. If you’re looking for more marketing and content Do and Don’t scenarios, check out the recorded talks by the UX designer Stephanie Hays.


  1. I think these are some good Do’s and Dont’s from Stephanie. One in particular to always remember is to use intensive research to make decisions. Great point!

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