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What a Job Killer Really Looks Like

To the politicians and pundits out there slinging the phrase “job killer” at every chance, I ask you, do you know what a job killer really looks like?

A real job killer is…

  • Low quality education that leaves our nation with thousands of high income open positions that can be only filled by immigrants, because they have the qualifying skills
  • Limited access to legal citizenship of more than 18% of America’s small business owners
  • Reduced funding to graduate medical education, medicare, and medicaid which affects our access to preventative health, which can keep citizens healthier, working longer, and off of supplementary benefits programs due to health issues
  • Nearly non-existent maternity leave and child care options that do not match the standard of other industrialized nations, which hinders career advancement and job opportunities for a significant portion of the American workforce
  • High post-secondary education costs that keep citizens from pursuing higher degrees and or burden them with extraordinary debt no previous generation has seen
  • Sequestration, that has cut thousands of jobs from important industries, including life-saving ones such as firefighters
  • Cuts to programs that rehabilitate, provide shelter, or give provisions for those in need
  • Minimal investment in mass transit options that will provide access to more job opportunities
  • Decreasing our state or national income by providing tax break incentives to businesses that only have a short-term investment, and will leave when someone else gives a lower bid

Those are the real job killers.  Stop killing our jobs, Congress.

Stop killing our quality of life.

Stop killing our American dreams.

Stop killing our future.

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