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The List Pact

Most people don’t think about superheros, bounty hunters,  life ambitions, and NPR while scrapping the frost off their car in the wee hours of the morning before work starts.  Unless you, like me, happened to listen to This American Life earlier this week. Their retelling of the story of Zora, the real life superhero-turned-CIA-agent-prospective-turned-bounty-hunter, is what was on my mind.

When she was little, Zora made a pact with a list.  It was a list of everything she would need to master in order to become a superhero, the woman she saw in her dreams.  Her list contained all sorts of topics to master—weaponry, rafting, scuba diving, herbology… the list goes on.  And since she was a young girl she kept to the list, accomplishing one line item at a time.  Before she turned 30, most of the items on the list were crossed out, and she could rescue  you by flying in on a helicopter, perform CPR,  and catch the bad guy with a compound bow or some throwing knives. She made a promise to her list. The List.

And while my hands tingled from the cold and I sat inside the car, waiting for it to defrost the windows, I started thinking of my list.  Of The List.  As I drove to work,  I thought about what I wanted to do, and what would need to be on The List.  And it took only a second to decide that my dream would be traveling writing.  To travel somewhere, get immersed, and share my experiences.

So I have my list.  The List.  And I plan to make a pact—accomplish The List.  Embody The List.

So tell me, what is your dream, or what was it when you were a child? Would you make a list, and make a pact with it?

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