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5 Simple Content Creation Resources That Will Help You Wow Your Blog Readers

This week’s theme is content creation. Content is King. Content is hot. If you can’t create good content, then you’re left in the dust. Look at the people who created free inspiring or educational content at the birth of social media—they are today’s rock stars and guest speakers.

Brush up on your content creation skills with me and check out my top five content creation reads from this week.

1. The Art of Creating Perfect Social Media Posts [Inforgraphic].Keep this bookmarked—forever. This downright perfect blog post by Ifran Ahmad tells you how create the best content for each popular social medium and when to publish it.

2. Why I Love Content Idea Generators. Maddie Russel created a one stop shop for killing blog writer’s block. I used Portent’s Content Idea Generator to come up with my previous post’s headline and have a long list of possible blog post ideas thanks to this singular blog post and its generators.

3. 8 Terrific Web Tools for Finding and Creating Data Visualizations. No longer do you need to hire a pro to create an infographic. Warning: you will spend hours playing around on the suggested free web app

4. The Ideal Length for Everything on the Internet. The numbers are in and are surprising. Did you know that the ideal length of a tweet is longer than the ideal length of a Facebook post?

5. 16 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners. Buffer pooled advice from top blog writers like Brian Clark (known for CopyBlogger) and Neil Patel (from KISSmetrics) and put it in plain English.  A good read whether you’re new to blogging or content creation or a pro.

Thank you for reading with me! Drop a note in the comments or find me on social media if you found any of the links particularly helpful, or if you created an amazing infographic or hilarious blog topic idea from the resources above.

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