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30 Things to Stop Doing Before You Turn 30

Keep Calm and Stop It


As I look forward to my next milestone—the good ol’ three-oh—I can’t help but think of all the things we need to stop doing. We’re already doing a lot in our late twenties and some of those things are not worth our time. So instead of accomplishing 30 things before you or I turn 30, I present to you 30 things we should stop doing before we turn 30.

  1. Stop caring about what other people think of you. Instead care about what you think of them.
  2. Stop setting yourself up for failure. Seriously, no more unobtainable goals.
  3. Stop thinking you made it here all by yourself. Write a thank you note to at least five people who have influenced your life.
  4. Stop thinking you have zero artistic talent. Hone one art talent by taking a photography class, designing tattoos, or becoming a DJ.
  5. Stop seeking validation from your relationship status. Your relationship status does not dictate how awesome you are, how many friends you have, and what fun you can have. If you’re single, love it. If you’re in a relationship, love it.  Stop thinking you’re less or more because of a relationship status.
  6. Stop offering advice before you listen to the problem. People don’t need off the cuff advice, they need someone to listen.
  7. Stop sitting in your cultural comfort zone. Immerse yourself in an unfamiliar culture. If you have the money, go abroad. If you’re looking to save some dough, consider a taking language learning class or participating in culture festivals.
  8. Stop judging yourself by someone else’s standards.
  9. Stop forgetting what is important to you. Keep a journal and write down your experiences at least once a week. If you’re stuck, think of 3-5 questions you want to answer every day.  Start off with answering what you learned or are grateful for today.
  10. Stop the bull@#$%. Be candid. People will find your no-nonsense attitude empowering and refreshing.
  11. Stop wishing you were someone else. Try a new lifestyle. Have you always wanted to try to be vegan, or be one of those people who religiously attend concert events? Be that person for a month.
  12. Stop letting money control you. Control your money. If your money moves in mysterious ways, grab a finance app or a good book and set three finance goals.
  13. Stop buying cheap crap. Invest in quality pieces in your life. Get that extra-soft new mattress. Buy matching furniture. Get an expensive accessory that goes well with your work clothes.
  14. Stop being politically ignorant. Volunteer for a political campaign, join a protest, or attend a rally.
  15. Stop making excuses for not keeping up long-distance friendships. Use Skype/Google Hangout/FaceTime to talk with your friends. Distance isn’t an excuse anymore.
  16. Stop thinking you haven’t done anything with your life. Make a list of 50 things you’re proud of.
  17. Stop that bad habit. Whether it’s stress eating, smoking, rebound dating, or waffling on decisions, do what it takes to overcome it.
  18. Stop surrounding yourself with manufactured items. Invest in something custom made. Get something unique that only you own.
  19. Stop thinking your career has stalled. Apply for your dream jobYou don’t know if you can get that job unless you try.
  20. Stop your excuses for not writing. Write a short story.
  21. Stop putting off doing meaningful things. Knock off 3 items from your bucket list.
  22. Stop being connected 24/7. Turn off technology for a weekend. If you can’t get yourself to turn your phone into the off position, then go somewhere without a signal.
  23. Stop believing you know all the answers.
  24. Stop ordering out. Have the recipe of one great tasting meal memorized and mastered.
  25. Stop being a jack of all trades and master of none. Become an expert in one topic or skill and don’t shy away from opportunities to teach others or speak at events.
  26. Stop getting more things and bigger places. Downsize and get rid of anything you rarely used in the last year.
  27. Stop making assumptions about dates. Go out with someone you like but don’t have a connection to or someone who is not your type. You just might be surprised. (My bad date became my husband 2 years later.)
  28. Stop eating too much processed and fried food. Learn what your body needs.
  29. Stop hanging around people who aren’t supportive or kind. You will feel amazing after you forgive and forget those who are bringing you down.
  30. Stop thinking 30 is bad. Write a letter to yourself about why turning 30 is the best thing that ever happened to you.

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