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Podcast Review: Calm Living Blueprint

There is too much bad advice out there for people with anxiety disorders.

Advice that says we can control our anxiety and need to think happy, be happy, and get on our feet. The kind of advice someone preaches before they give you a chummy slap on the back and walk away.

But this podcast has none of that advice. (Thank God.)

The Calm Living Blueprint podcast feels like you’re talking with a friend who has gone through exactly what you’re going through.

The creator, Candice Esposito, humbly describes her own struggles with anxiety and walks you through succinct actions you can take to untangle from your thoughts and anxieties. As she put it in episode two, “it’s not about reducing or eliminating your so-called symptoms. It’s about transforming your relationship with your thoughts and feelings so you no longer think of them as symptoms.”

The most life-changing episodes for me:

I hope this podcast can break you out of cyclical thinking, remove disappointment, and help you find peace with your anxiety like it did for me.

By the way, this podcast review was inspired by the private responses I received from this blog post. Thank you for sharing your stories of rumination and anxiety with me.

If you have your own stories of anxiety you’d like to share, or a link to one a resource that impacted your life, leave a link or note about it in the comments below.


  1. Thanks for reviewing the Calm Living podcast, Sarah! And thank you for listening to the podcast. I appreciate your feedback and am glad to hear you have found the podcast helpful. If there any topics you’d be interested in or would like to see covered please feel free to let me know. Thanks again.

    • And thank you, Candice, for making the podcast. Keep it up—we’re listening and learning!

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