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Swarm Hack: Hold a conversation with your friends in Nearby plans

There is a Mt Everest load of negative press hitting FourSquare today as it shut down its check-in ability on its namesake app and moved it to Swarm, its new orange app that does everything we wanted it to except everything we wanted it to do

Most noticeably is the highly underused Nearby plans function of the Swarm app. This section allows you to post plans and have any of your friends respond to the thread to let you know they’re interested. It’s basically the Facebook feed portion of Swarm where I’m Interested is the same as a Like.

This is where it gets fun. Swarm can be a way for all your friends to view and comment on a single discussion thread about whatever they want. You can also tag people in your posts and replies.

And since not many have made the jump to Swarm, it’s just you, the social media elite, and the early adopters.

Ah, it’s like Twitter ’07 all over again.

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