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11 Ways to Optimize Your Content for Your Readers and Google

I started The 11 Ways blog today. It will be a series of blog posts all on the 11 ways to do something. Here I talk about the 11 ways to optimize your content for your readers and Google.

The 11 Ways

Google loves long content, readers want instant information

How do you keep your posts long for Google and a quick scan for your readers? Google loves long form content. (Aim for 1,500 words). But your readers aren’t reading long posts—they are scanning them.

Follow these 11 ways to optimize  your long content for your readers.

  1. Start with the conclusion. People don’t scroll. Don’t waste your time with an elaborate introduction. Cut right to the chase.
  2. Have headers and sub-headers tell the reader the main points. Headers highlight the main points. Subheaders keep your audience moving through the content.
  3. Have only 1 idea per paragraph. If you have multiple ideas in a paragraph, the reader scanning your content will miss the secondary ideas.
  4. Use 1 sentence as a paragraph to make a point.
  5. Shorten your sentences. The Hemmingway App is a great help with this.
  6. Make important…

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