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Game Review: Child of Light

Child of Light is an award winning game with an exquisite design, seamless game play, and a strong story. When I first saw this trailer for the game, I was blown away by the beautiful watercolor designs of every background, character, and monster. Even the item screen has a hand-drawn feel to it.

Will I Like This Game?

You will enjoy playing Child of Light if you:

  • Love beautiful hand-drawn scenery (check out their Tumblr for more art)
  • Want to play strong female characters
  • Require your games to have brilliant soundtracks
  • Only play games with a compelling, masterful story
  • Want a game that balances puzzles with battles (no farming or grinding here)
  • Are looking to spend less than 20 hours playing a new game
  • If you are between the ages of 8 and 90

You should shout “TAKE MY MONEY!” and buy this game right away if you:

  • Loved the user experience and the flow of Journey
  • Have been longing to play a game that has a well developed story arc that carries into the side quests
  • Want to play one of the best battle systems ever designed
  • Have been looking all your life to play a game whose design never once breaks you out of the story
  • Think Lord Byron rocks and we should all speak in iambic pentameter

Game Highlights

The game will take less than 20 hours and the time will fly by. One of the things you’ll notice right away is the how the colors bleed into one another as you move fast—you’re a living watercolor painting.


Oh yes, you get to fly. You fly over the trees, through waterfalls, down the deepest wells, and high into the sky. You will never once be tired of flying, and this ability comes early on in the game.

Battle Engine and Character Development

You’ve reached the epitome of a great game when a battle sequence develops your character’s story. When Aurora is attacked, her crown tumbles off her head as she stumbles back. She lunges forward, fearlessly heaving a longsword overhead to attack her enemies. It was this moment in my first battle that truly blew me away.

The battle engine doesn’t allow for passive or mindless gaming. You must always be engaged. Check your timeline to see when you will attack and when your opponents will. If they attack while you’re preparing to, they can interrupt your attack and send you back on the timeline, effectively canceling a whole turn. Also, your firefly friend can be a big help here. He can slow down an enemy on the timeline, or hover over you for an emergency top off of health and deliver to you extra magic points while the battle is still playing.

Alchemy and Puzzles

For those who love puzzles and alchemy, there is just enough at every interval to keep you satisfied. The puzzles get progressively more difficult, expounding upon new tricks you learned earlier. The alchemy also gets progressively more rewarding. The further you are in the game, the more gems you pick up that you can mix to make new elements. The elements offer different benefits depending on how you equip them with your armor, shield, or the timeline. Mix and match to find the greatest advantage for each character.

The Story

You’ll see Aurora progress from a young girl crying, wanting to wake up from a bad dream and wishing only to return home, to a fierce and respected leader of creatures of Lemuria. And your decisions affect your game play, too. Going out of your way to help someone find a lost relative or to save a village from a ravenous monster gains you valuable extra characters. While you can complete the game with the characters you get from just the main story line, it is worth making new friends to have their unique abilities added to your battlefield.

Where to Get the Game

I picked up Child of Light in the Playstation game store for less than $15. (I love Playstation because of all of the amazing RPG games on its platform. I can’t play a game if it doesn’t have a good story.) It’s also out on Xbox, Steam, and Playstation Vita.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and play the game already so you can I can talk about the story behind the mysterious letters!

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  1. Great review! I love to play this before the year ends, as I have some backlog to complete. :( But I played the demo version and I was immediately drawn to it. You mentioned the part wherein when Aurora gets attacked, her crown would fall down. And then she will pick it up in charming way! And it was masterfully and beautifully drawn. And the flying… Oh my… Those flowing red hair. . . .

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