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Hello Fresh Review: Date Night in a Box

Hello Fresh introduced me to new foods, bolstered my confidence in cooking, and reduced the time I spent meal planning. But the best, and unexpected, outcome was that Hello Fresh made my husband and I put down the smart phones and focus on talking, cooking, laughing, and eating. It’s like a date night in a box!

The Meat-Eater Eats Vegetables

I knew this was going to be more than a one-time, we-have-a-coupon-for-this deal when my “burritos are a vegetable!” husband ate Brussel Sprouts and went up for seconds.

For seconds.

James serves up our first Hello Fresh meal.

James serves up our first Hello Fresh meal.

Earlier that night we cracked open up our first Hello Fresh box. The recipe was roasted vegetables with pan seared chicken and white rice. While the rice was cooking I chopped vegetables and once those were in the oven, my husband seared the chicken and made a light sauce from the juices. And the whole time were were talking, and not once did either of us pick up a smart phone. (OK, so that’s a lie, I picked up my phone once, but that was only to take this picture!)

The vegetables were carrots, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. The first of these he only ate raw, the next he avoided at all costs, and the last he had never tried before. But that night he ate them all. And he went to get seconds. Wow!

Everyone Loves Getting Packages

Hello Fresh package collage

The box comes with a picture recipe book and fresh, organic meals.

Hello Fresh ships 3 meals per week for 2 or 4 people. The subscription service lets me pause, start, or stop whenever I like with a simple click on the scheduling calendar in my account.

At roughly $11 per person, I decided to keep this subscription as an occasional treat.

So once or twice a month my husband and I excitedly open our package and pull out the fresh, organic ingredients. We can safely spread the meals across 4-5 days without any of the greens going bad.

The package everything we need—we only need cooking pots and pans, salt, pepper, and oil. Does the mashed potatoes require milk? They included it. Does the recipe call for fresh basil? It’s in my packet.

The Recipes


Fish steamed over bok choy.

Of the 9 recipes we’ve had so far, we’ve loved 8 and already remade 3. The recipes are easy to follow and top at 30 minutes of cook and prep time combined. And although the recipes say it serves 2, we often have a third left over that one of us brings to work as a lunch. (This brings the per person/meal cost to about $7.50.)

Our favorite recipe is fish steamed over bok choy, topped with scallions and fresh grated ginger. It’s one of the quickest and simplest recipes we’ve been given and it has phenomenal flavor.

Our second favorite is the vegetarian layered sweet potato enchiladas (PDF). This is a dish we plan to make again when we next host a dinner with friends.

Date Night in a Box


James and I celebrating our 1-year anniversary.

What Hello Fresh doesn’t advertise is what we love most about it—the time we spend together making a delicious meal.

On Hello Fresh meal nights we cook together in the kitchen, chatting, laughing, and working together for the 30 minutes it takes to make the meal. Then we sit down and enjoy a restaurant quality meal at home with each other.

Our meal times have turned into mini date nights, where we aren’t distracted by work, technology, or busy schedules for an hour. It’s a refreshing break from our usual grab-your-own-I’m-out-the-door-love-you-see-you-later evenings.

The Verdict: Everyone Should Try it Once

I first tried Hello Fresh because I would get money back on it as a part of my debit card rewards, and because there was a $40 off coupon for it, which made our first week of meals out to be less than $5 per person. Quite a deal! If that coupon still works, I recommend everyone try out Hello Fresh, even if it’s only for a week. It’s helped my husband and I incorporate fresh food into our meals, and has given us a lot of new favorite recipes.


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