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Put These Ideas in Your Web Designer Portfolio ASAP

On Saturday I’ll host a Skillcrush Master Class on how I built my first portfolio website.  Although my portfolio is still a work in progress, I’m thrilled to talk to current Skillcrush classmates on the 8 steps I went through to build my site and the inspiration I found when researching portfolio ideas on the web.

Below are the nine examples I’ll be showing in my presentation. All of these examples are portfolio sites that any graduate of the Skillcrush Web Designer Career Blueprint could replicate. To visit the website, just click on the image.  And if you have a great portfolio to showcase, leave me a link in the comments below!

9 portfolios with awesome ideas you need to borrow and put in own portfolio asap

Jessie Willmon


What to borrow: the unique way to showcase your portfolio (and Javascript skills).

Bob Galmarini


What to borrow: big, in-your-face and fun copy and simple design

Charlotte Tang


What to borrow:  fun portfolio layout design

Marc Thomas


What to borrow: hand-drawn/stamp icon design,  and the stellar content on the process page

Diogo Bessa


What to borrow:  the bloody brilliant Hire Me button that pops up and the Hire Me form, especially the part that lets the client select prices for the proposed project

Carl John Spencer


What to borrow: the overall elegant  design, big portfolio images,  and outstanding portfolio description pages

Jessie Sima


What to borrow: whimsy—and how the website perfectly matches herself and her clientele.

Sarah Surrette


What to borrow: popping colors and—the best I’ve ever seen—content on the portfolio description pages (divided into objective, solution, and awards—very appealing to clients!)

Anil Tortop


What to borrow: design unique to your medium and subtle webpage animation

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