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People Can Live in the Suburbs and Love the City

Sometimes I get straight up hate for being a twenty-something who lives in the suburbs. Some  who love the downtown city life think I’ve shotgunned the suburbian kool-aid and I’m doomed to be defining my life by my Starbucks order and wasting my money on lawn fertilizer.

When I tell them where I live,  I can just imagine the stereotypes they are applying to me:

  • I think public transit isn’t important
  • I have little or no experience in global travel
  • I’ve never lived in a downtown area before
  • I’ll only ever go downtown to attend a big event
  • I don’t keep track of the politics and policies of the city
  • I want lots of children (I’m serious, people have thought that)
  • I’ve have limited exposure to cultural and racial diversity, and am therefore frightened by it
  • I love parking spots, and I hate walking

When the truth is:

  • I think public transit is vital to the whole greater city area
  • I traveled in mainland China & Hong Kong for 8 weeks, and Japan for 2 weeks, and plan to visit Greece later this year
  • I’ve lived in a downtown area before and loved it
  • I go downtown a handful of times each month for networking, arts and culture events, and to meet up with friends
  • I track the politics and policies of the city
  • I seek to have one or two kids when it best fits the careers of both my husband and I
  • I seek out new diversity experiences
  • I like to park far away for free and walk into the city

I live where it is convenient for me. I might live on the outskirts of the city, but I live within 2 miles of my job. And nearby my place is a 13-mile long wooded running trail.  And I am in walking distance to a local coffee shop—and an Apple Store.  Doesn’t that sound rather fantastic? The only thing missing is a food truck stopping by my work place. (SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN.) So why would I move into the city and join the mass commute from downtown apartments to suburb business offices when I am already right where I want to be? And to every other 20 or 30 something feeling guilty for not living downtown, I release you of your guilt. Embrace where you live, and why you chose to live there. Be free!

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