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How to track your content on Twitter

It came as a surprise to me when I realized just how many people are missing a huge opportunity to track their content and to engage with a new audience. 

When in content marketing and social media Twitter chats in the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that my most retweeted and favorited tweets are my tips on how to track content on Twitter.  And when I met up with other social pros at an event this week, I heard about all the hashtags and key terms they search for. But they forget one of the most vital things to track: the URL. 

That’s right, you want to have a Twitter search set up for your URL. Why? Because every time someone links to your content, they won’t necessary use your hashtag or mention you.  In fact, most of the time they won’t!

Don’t worry, it’s easy to set up.  For work, I have my content searches set up in my Hootsuite dashboard. In my example below I’ll show you how to create the search; it’s up to you to pick whatever tools and platforms you want to save it in.

Setting up the search

First,  set up a search for the base of your URL.  For example, this blog post’s base URL is If you have more than one location you want to track, put an OR between the two URLs.  Tip: Don’t forget to track the URLs of your landing pages and country-specific websites, too!

For our example, we’re going to set up a search that only shows content from the US and UK IKEA sites.


What you’ll see next is a list of every URL that contains the base of the URL.


Wow! Look at all those conversations that don’t use #ikea  #furniture or tag the IKEA brand. Think of all of the conversations IKEA is missing out on if they aren’t tracking shared links! (PS.  If you were like me and wondering about the tweet that said BROCOLLI FABRIC.)

Also, the search result will show all linked content, even if the original URL was shortened. Here are examples of shortened links in my results for


So that’s it! Start tracking the URL of your content and start engaging in more conversations. If you have a question about tracking, just ask me @hidama.


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