About Me

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Hi, I’m Sarah Eggers.

I lead and execute digital marketing and nonprofit membership strategies. I’m a marketing technologist who loves to design awesome customer experiences.

I’ve had a blast serving on the Social Media Club Board of Directors and the Kansas City chapter board.

I served as the Secretary for the Social Media Club Board of Directors from 2013-2015 and am currently wrapping up my 2nd term on the SMCKC  board.

I love meeting new people!

I enjoy meeting up with fellow social media strategists, and I also enjoy mentoring people new to social media marketing. If you have questions or want to meet up online or in-person, just ask!

My biggest joy in my work is creating an excellent customer experience.

I think life revolves around someone’s experience with you and your company.

Whether it’s an email, tweet, or a landing page visit, it’s all about how the we can do something inherently good for the customer. Loyalty isn’t built through discount codes; it’s built through human interactions and kindness. And so I incorporate this in my work every day.

Drop me a note!

Want to get in touch or have a question about social media, associations, or marketing technologies? Tweet me @hidama or drop me a note.