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Freestyle Friday: Lake Michigan Edition

And then there was The Lake. The biggest lake. A lake larger than the seas of faraway lands. A lake so vast you cannot see its end. A lake so powerful you can surf its waves. A lake with its own stories of sunken treasure and shipwrecks. It’s my lake. And it’s so many people’s joy.

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The List Pact

Most people don’t think about superheros, bounty hunters, life ambitions, and NPR while scrapping the frost off their car in the wee hours of the morning before work starts. Unless you, like me, happened to listen to This American Life earlier this week. Their retelling of the story of Zora, the real life superhero-turned-cia-agent-turned-bounty-hunter, is what was on my mind.

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The Typhoon Umbrella

I have a dark blue umbrella that I never intend to give to friends or family, recycle, or donate. I have a rusty, reliable, old umbrella that has seen the world with me and holds all of my secrets.

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The Listening Room Cafe

The Listening Room Cafe is a small cafe in Franklin, TN; just outside Nashville. I wandered down the main stretch of the historic town of Franklin and my eye was caught by a sign reading “free internet” at a cafe across from a Starbucks. I… Read More