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The Braid: The Classy, Easy Go-To Potluck Item

No matter how many different types of potluck I bring it to,  The Braid is always a hit.  It can be cut-up into bite-sized hand food and it’s versatile that it can be savory or sweet.  And it’s damn simple to make.

I’ve included the Gimme Some Oven pin that made me first discover the breakfast braid, but I’ve modified it to really save on time.  With the simple recipe below, I can make and bake this recipe in just under 30 minutes.

What you’ll need

  • 1 pre-made rectangular pizza crust (regular thickness)
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 breakfast sausages, pre-cooked (I used chicken sausage since I don’t eat pork)
  • 1 1/2-2 cups shredded cheese (your choice in flavor)
  • 1 pair of scissors


  1. Pre-heat the oven to the temperature listed on the pizza crust instructions.
  2. Grease a cooking sheet and roll out the dough.
  3. With the scissors, make 10-12 cuts, about 1″ apart, into each long side. The cuts should be  4-6″ deep.
  4. Cook and scramble the eggs, seasoning as desired.
  5. Cut up the pre-cooked sausage into bite-sized pieces.
  6. Scatter the eggs, sausage, and cheese evenly along the center of the dough.
  7. Time to create the braid! Take the first end of the cut dough and place it into the center, angling back about 45 degrees. Do the same thing on the other side.  Repeat until the crisscrossing is complete.
  8. Brush little olive oil or a bit of egg white on the outside of the braid.
  9. Bake according to pizza crust instructions, usually 10-15 minutes.

easy to modify

I’ve modified this recipe again and again. For a sweet modification, try adding sliced apples coated in cinnamon and sugar, or put blackberry preserves and cream cheese in the center and drizzle with a homemade frosting. For a savory modification, try chopped spinach and ricotta or make it pizza style with mozzarella, pepperoni, and marinara sauce.

Let me know what you think of The Braid, and what modifications you make to the recipe!

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Books I Wish Were Real: Career Planning + Having Kids Edition

At the urge of a Go Blog Social conference speaker, I’m going to start writing about whatever is authentic to me right now, and stop waiting for that right moment to write that oh so hot industry-related blog post. Ergo today’s blog post is about something that has been on my mind: careers and children.

Where are all the books about career planning before having a kid?

When researching  the financial and career aspects of having a kid, I’m totally at a loss. All the books out there are about the hatching and post-birth experience. They’re all from the viewpoint of “OMG this is amazing you’re pregnant right now so let’s get this stuff done and write up that dream baby room shopping list.”

But there aren’t any books for where I am,  from the viewpoint of “OMG what do I need to be doing right now, 1-2 years before having a kid, with my finances and career?”

What I really need is a couple of great authors to write books about preparing to have children.

Books I wish were real so that I could read them right now

What I’m really looking for are books with titles like:

  • 101 things you need to do 2 years in advance of having kids
  • How to turn your awesome job into a flexible job to help you achieve work-life balance
  • But what if I change my mind last-minute and want to be a stay at home mom? And other things you need to prepare financially for
  • How to have the discussion with your spouse about who works from home
  • When to change careers to have a job that lets you focus on your passions and your family
  • It’s OK for feminists to be a stay at home mom or career driven mom—or anything in between
  • 37 ways to make sure your job is ready for your maternity leave (and won’t be calling you while you’re out)
  • Ways you can get your body in shape right now to reduce the horribly painful side of childbirth
  • 50 reasons why should travel internationally with children

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Hello Fresh Review: Date Night in a Box

Hello Fresh introduced me to new foods, bolstered my confidence in cooking, and reduced the time I spent meal planning. But the best, and unexpected, outcome was that Hello Fresh made my husband and I put down the smart phones and focus on talking, cooking, laughing, and eating. It’s like a date night in a box!

The Meat-Eater Eats Vegetables

I knew this was going to be more than a one-time, we-have-a-coupon-for-this deal when my “burritos are a vegetable!” husband ate Brussel Sprouts and went up for seconds.

For seconds.

James serves up our first Hello Fresh meal.

James serves up our first Hello Fresh meal.

Earlier that night we cracked open up our first Hello Fresh box. The recipe was roasted vegetables with pan seared chicken and white rice. While the rice was cooking I chopped vegetables and once those were in the oven, my husband seared the chicken and made a light sauce from the juices. And the whole time were were talking, and not once did either of us pick up a smart phone. (OK, so that’s a lie, I picked up my phone once, but that was only to take this picture!)

The vegetables were carrots, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. The first of these he only ate raw, the next he avoided at all costs, and the last he had never tried before. But that night he ate them all. And he went to get seconds. Wow!

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