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Social Media Strategy Consulting

Sometimes you just need some outside help to you get you started, and other times you need a pro to take a look over a plan you’ve made. Whether you’re brand new,  fairly knowledgable, or social media is your day job, I can help you set up your accounts,  plan your strategies, show ROI, or even help you build a workshop  or presentation on social media.

Career Advice/Resume Design

Your career is a big deal. And there is a lot of advice out there for Millennials (did you know they are now more Millenials in the workforce than Baby Boomers?) and it’s hard to pick out the fact from fiction.

Let’s get together to talk about what your next 5 years might look like. Or let’s work together on creating the most amazing LinkedIn summary and finding your next job.  I can also edit and design your resume to make sure it lands on the manager’s desk instead of the recruiter’s trash.

Writing/Editing for the Digital Era

Writing for the web and email is very different from the days of essays and publications.  Let’s increase your open and click through rates by re-designing your email copy.  Or we can work together on a blog post or landing page, to edit the copy and add styles to  draw the eye of your readers. Email me with project details to get a quote.