Career Advice/Resume Design

Your career is a big deal. Whether you’re looking for a refreshingly new resume design or want to sit down and plan out your career path, I’m here for you. I schedule my hours through Google Hangout, that way we can talk, screenshare, and work on your career plan together.

Career Advice

Let’s get together and talk career. We can talk about dream jobs, resources, career planning, or talk about a job-specific issue you’d like a new perspective on.

Here’s a few ways I can help:

  • I  can direct you to resources to help you develop professional skills you want to strengthen
  • I can offer advice on how to deal with Baby Boomer vs Millenial work and communication issues
  • We can work together on your 5 or 10 year career plan
  • I can help you write an amazing LinkedIn summary and help you get ready for your job search

Resume Design

Need some help with your resume? I can edit and design your resume to make sure it lands on the manager’s desk instead of in the recruiter’s trash.

  • Simple edit & design in a PDF —$25
  • A modern design in delivered in as a Word doc —$45

How can I help you?