Social Media Strategy Consulting

Sometimes you just need some outside help to you get you started, and other times you need a pro to take a look over a plan you’ve made.

For those new to social media

Social media marketing can seem pretty daunting.  It feels like there is a lot to learn that everybody else seems to already know intuitively, and you’re wondering how you’ll ever catch up. Maybe you have your own small business and you need to know how to create your online presence, or maybe your boss thought that just because you’re a Millennial you’d know how to best handle this.

I’m here to tell you don’t worry, you’ve got this.  We’ll go over the basics together and you’ll leave ready to take on the world!

Here’s a few ways I can help:

  • I will help you decide what social platforms you should start on
  • I will help you figure out what tone of voice/personality that best fits your needs
  • I’ll go over the basics on posting 2 platforms OR help you set up your account at 1 platform
  • I’ll work with you on 5 example social media posts you can start off with
  • I’ll point you to great resources to help you get set up and on your way
For those with some experience

You’re familiar with social media and marketing, but you’re looking for someone to answer the marketing questions of brand consistency, how to set up paid advertising, how to show ROI, and how to pull off the technical stuff side of Rich Pins and Twitter Cards.

Here’s a few ways I can help:

  • I can review the platforms you’re using & tone of voice/personality across all platforms for consistency and appropriateness for that platform
  • I can work on 1-2 campaign related items you have in mind (ie  a Facebook giveaway, or a Twitter promotion plan)
  • I can go over paid advertising with you
  • I can write the code you need for Twitter Cards and Rich Pins
  • I can work with you on how to track engagement and showcase the return on investment
  • I can recommend tools for you to try out or use
For the social media pros

You’ve got it all together. You just need someone else to be a sounding board or to collaborate or provide feedback on your work.

Here’s a few ways I can help:

  • I can review and provide feedback on the campaigns
  • I can work with you on how to best show return on investment/value
  • I can help with social media presentations/review workshop materials

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